Natalie's 17th Birthday present- a photoshoot with her horse Cruise overlooking Adelaide

Could there be a better gift for a horse-crazy teen than a photoshoot with her best friend? Natalie’s mum didn’t think so! And so we spent a sunny afternoon on their new property, just outside Adelaide, to capture the love this girl shares with her horse.

You can view some of their favourites in the slideshow below.

We put together a beautiful album from the photoshoot that will hang open on Natalie’s favourite page in her bedroom, ready to be pulled down and looked over each time a friend comes around. But the rest of the family won’t miss out.. their favourite photo is being printed to feature in their living room in a huge 40” frame.

Photo shoots like this make me so happy because I know that as special as the images are now.. they will only become more valuable. In many years to come, Natalie and her family will look up at these photos and reminisce over her teenage years spent on horse back.. like I do with my childhood photos.